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Australia Visitor Visa

This type of visa is suitable for people, who are willing to tour Australian for a certain period of time. Any person plans to visit Australia require this visa as an approval granted by ensuring character records, purpose of tourism, obtaining funding information and inspecting fitness records of an individual. This special service visa is available for individuals who either have business visit urgency or interested in exploring the country as a tourist destination. Australian visitor visa is an appropriate option designed for granting visas for holiday, tourism and for informal studies for a short period of time. Generally, Australian visitor visa is permitted for only 12 months, whereas an interested visitor can get multiple entries. A legalized Australian visitor can stay for a maximum period of three months during a granted duration of 12 months. Before, applying for this visa, a wanting person need to check his/ her tourist visa assessment done.    

Australian Visitor Visa explained:  

Visitors to Australia must abide by the visa terms and duration as followings:

  • Your must not work in Australia, whereas limited work is acceptable.
  • You must not get enrol in any studies and trainings more than a duration of three months
  • You must depart within the validity of your visa. 
  • The holder must be free from tuberculosis at the time of travel and to enter the country.
  • Any holder arriving with criminal convictions will not be allowed to enter Australia.       
In case, a visitor disobeys the rules and violates the aforementioned visa conditions, the visa can get cancelled or the blameworthy individual may subject to penalties.       

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