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Australia Visitor Visa - Tourist Short Stay Visas

Australian Visitor ETA Visa (subclass 976) - This visa act is applicable to the people who long to visit the county for a short duration holiday program and for exploring the country’s tourist destinations. Such visitors can receive an online electronic visa.     
In order to apply for this visa, the applicant does not have to visit the office of concerned Australian authority for submitting an application. ETA visa can be booked online by phoning Australian Visa Department. Such an applicant will receive procedural forms and can fill certain documents for initiating the process with Electronic Travel authority. After the submission of this application, an applicant can review the application status regularly with recent updates. Moreover, approved applications and granted visa files are kept as an electronic record within the Australia Immigration department.

The applicant can get updated and confirmed with the boarding authority electronically by the airline department at the time of check- out.        

Eligibility to apply for ETA visa:  

ETA visa can be claimed while the interested applicant is outside the country and is available on the list of ETA- eligible passports. In case, an applicant does no fulfil the criteria can be further assessed online.     

Visitor short stay (subclass 676) Visa:

This visa can be granted to the people who want to visit Australia for short holiday duration.

Family sponsored- visitor short stay (subclass 679) Visa:  

This visa procedure is open for the people whose family member is a permanent resident of Australia, and they are interested to enter the country for a short duration.


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