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Student Visa Conditions

Are there any restrictions on a student visa?

Once you arrive in Australia and commence your course of study, you will be required to comply with a number of visa conditions related to your attendance and academic performance.

Some of the common conditions imposed on student visas include:

Visa Condition Description
8101 Must not perform any work (until course has commenced and permission to work has been granted).
8105 Once permission to work has been granted, may work for up to 20 hours a week while the course is in session.
8202 Must satisfy attendance and course requirements.
8206 Must NOT change education provider during first 12 months of the course.
8501 Must maintain adequate health insurance in Australia.
8533 Must notify education provider if there is a change of address within 7 days.
8534 May only apply for a further student visa with permission to work, a protection visa or a Graduate Skilled visa.

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