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About Student Visas to Australia

In order to appear eligible for an Australian student visa- an interested applicant needs to be accepted for a full time course or professional certification at one of the reputed Australian institutes and universities. To find out a suitable career course, students can visit the online websites of Australian Institutes facilitates the students to apply online.  

This student visa is a temporary option to stay in the country and study as it remains valid until a course duration opted by an applicant. As soon as, the applicant completes his studies, he has to leave the country by the date punched on the visa. In case, the applicant is willing to stay in the country, such a candidate needs to process another application for a temporary and a permanent residency visa.  

Australian student visa is granted to the interested candidates by assessing them on a scale of 1 to 5 based on certain factors, including visa subclasses and country of passport. This authorized scale works as the higher the assessment level, the greater the evidences required.

General requirements applicable to all student visa subclasses:

  • The student candidate has to meet the health standards by getting a health examination done with chest X- rays. Medical examination test results are being submitted to DIAC. 
  • The applicant must obtain a character clearance certificate and provide a declaration regarding the same with the application to meet Australian Character requirements.       
  • The applicant has to enclose a private health insurance along with the application before lodging it.  The family members of such an applicant must be covered under this Overseas Student Health Cover.


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