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Australia Skilled Visa Assessment

Skills Visa Assessment
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Surname/Family Name (*):
Given Names (*):
Contact Telephone Number (*): Please supply a contact telephone number. Please include:- Country Code, Area Code, Contact Number.
Date of Birth (*): Please enter your date of birth in the format dd-mmm-yyyy
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Place of Birth :
Country of Citizenship (*):
Current Town of Residence :
Current Country of Residence :
Visa : Do you have a preferred visa class under which you would like to be assessed or considered. Please list the visa class.
Marital Status :
Relatives : Do you or your spouse have any close relatives living in Australia. List their relationship and how long they have been living in Australia e.g. Cousin - 2 years
List where Relatives live in Australia :
Occupation: List your occupations over the last 4 years eg: Engineer 2002 - 2005 :
Formal Education : Do you have any degrees, diplomas, trade qualifications. Please list accordingly
Completion : Please list the dates you completed your tertiary studies, diploma or trade qualification and the institute where you studied.
Spouse Details
Spouse's Name :
Spouse's Date of Birth : Please enter your spouse's Date of Birth in the format dd-mmm-yyyy;
Age Group :
Spouse's Occupation :
Spouse's Qualifications: Does your Spouse have any degrees, diplomas, trade qualifications. Please list accordingly :
Other Information
Study : Are you considering Studying in Australia
Business Owner: Are you a business owner, if so please give your designation and industry over the past 4 years. :
Sponsored Employment : Do you know of a company that is willing to sponsor you to work in Australia.
Retirement : If you or your partner are over 55, would you like to retire to Australia with your investments.
CV/Resume : You may send your CV/Resume should you have a saved copy on your computer.
Further Information : Please add any other information that you feel would assist us.

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