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Online Assessment for General Skilled Migration

Please take the time to answer these questions as carefully and accurately as possible as they will allow us to fully appraise your visa eligibility.

Online Assessment for General Skilled Migration (GSM) Visas
Personal Details
1 Full name
2 Country of citizenship
3 Sex Male Female
4 Please enter your date of birth
5 Current Marital Status

Please select all that apply
My partner is aged 18 to 45
My partner is also a Skilled Professional
My partner has recent work experience

6 Number of Children
7 Telephone number (inc country code)
8 Email address
Occupation and Qualifications
9 Please select your occupational category
9a Please select your occupation from the list
9b If your selected occupation is in IT, then please indicate how long you have been working in IT
10 What is your current job title. If unsure please describe in as many words as possible?
10a For how long have you worked in this occupational category?
11 Have you worked in any other category from the list? Yes No
11a If yes for how long?
  Details of your (post-secondary) Qualifications
12 Qualification 1 name
  Country of Education or Training Body
  Education or training body name
  Period of study
  Qualification 2 name
  Country of Education or Training Body
  Education or training body name
  Period of study
  Qualification 3 name
  Country of Education or Training Body
  Education or training body name
  Period of study
  General information
13 How would you rate your English ability?
14 Have you successfully completed any study in Australia? Yes No
  If yes please give details
15 Do any of the following apply to you?
I am willing to invest AU$100,000 in an Australian government security for a period of at least 12 months.
I am fluent in one of these languages
I have completed a degree to bachelor level in this language or
I am able to pass a NAATI Level 3 translating/interpreting test (see
None of the above applies to me
16 Do you have a relative in Australia who would be willing to sponsor you? Yes No
  Location of sponsor
  Postcode OR
  Relative’s relationship to me
17 How did you hear about us?
18 If you have any other information or comments, that may help us in assessing your Qualification, please provide
19 If you have a CV in .pdf .doc format you can upload it here.  
20 I have downloaded and read the 'Information on the Regulation of the Migration Advice Profession' booklet. Download Booklet Here Yes No
a. Please answer for your own circumstances only, unless the question specifically asks for information about your spouse. 
b. If you feel your spouse might meet the migration requirements in his or her own right, then you should fill out a separate form. 
c. Australian law includes unmarried partners under the legal definition of 'spouse' in some circumstances. If you are living with a partner on a de-facto spouse basis, he or she may be treated as your spouse for migration purposes. You can give details under question 5. 
d. In addition to satisfying the basic requirements for general skilled migration, applicants are also required to satisfy Health and Character requirements.

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