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Online Assesment

The following information will allow us to provide you with a preliminary assessment based on your individual circumstances and in accordance with the current status of Australia's immigration law and policy. The following information will allow us to confirm the visa subclass you may be eligible to engage in pursuit.

Online Assesment
Initial Australian Visa Eligibility Assessment
First Name
Last Name
Your Email
Telephone Number
Date of Birth
What type of Australian visa are you interested in?
Current Occupation/Skill
Country of Citizenship(s)
Place of Birth
Passport(s) held
Current Country of Residence
Length of time living in that country
Other countries you have lived in for more than 1 year in the last 10 years
Marital Status
Your English Skill Level
Have you completed the IELTS test? Yes No
IELTS Date Completed
Do you hold a current Australian visa? Yes No
Type of Visa
Visa Expiry Date
Details of previous Australian visas held
Have you complied with conditions of previous visas? Yes No
Have you ever lodged an unsuccessful visa application in the past? Yes No

Family Details

Spouse/Partner Name
Spouse/Partner Date of Birth
Details of Citizenships, educational qualifications, work experience
Other countries you have lived in for more than 1 year in the last 10 years
Children - List names of all children including those from previous relationships.
Indicate if each child will be included on the the visa application

Australian Relatives

Do you or your partner/spouse have any close family living in Australia who are Australian citizens or permanent residents? Yes No
If yes, describe the relationship to you, where they live and how long they have lived there
Would your Australian relative sponsor you to migrate to Australia? Yes No


Detail any post secondary studies completed in Australia. Include institution, name of course, length, dates and qualification gained.
Work Experience - Your Occupation
List your employment history including positions, dates, length and overview of duties.
Do you own or are you a shareholder in a business? Yes No
Is that business in Australia? Yes No
Give details of type of business, your position, how long you have owned the business, percentage of business owned by you and your spouse/partner

Criminal Convictions

Do you have any criminal convictions in any country? Yes No
Details of criminal convictions
Do you or any members of your family have any medical conditions? Yes No
If yes, please give details of these medical conditions
Where do you want to live in Australia?
Please provide any other information that may assist us with your assessment

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