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Australian Immigration

Your Australian visa application starts here you may be looking to move to Australia. AIMC Australian Visas specialise in immigration to Australia; its clients are able to live and work in Australia through business visas, work permits, investor visas and Australian skilled visas or through family immigration routes. Its experts are qualified with MARA to offer assistance in all areas of Australian immigration law including the skilled independent visa, contributory parent visa, skilled sponsored visa, spouse visa, last remaining relative visa, De Facto visa, and prospective marriage visa.

With help of AIMC Australian Visas you can find the best Australian visa which suits you-whether you’re studying, temporarily working, holidaying, or moving down under permanently.

Australia Working Holiday Visa, Subclass 417, (1st year) in just 48 hours*
The Australian Working Holiday Visa (WHM Visa) allows young people between the ages of 18 and 30 to have an extended holiday supplemented by casual employment for up to 12 months in Australia.

Australia Working Holiday Visa, Subclass 417, Second Year
The IInd Year Australian Working Holiday Visa is available to people who have already worked in Australia on a first year Working Holiday Visa as a seasonal or construction worker.

Australia Skilled Migration Visa, Subclass 175
The Australian Skilled Independent Visa permitrs skilled migrants in certain specialised occupations to move to Australia and find employment without having to organise a job or sponsorship beforehand.

Australia Sponsorship Visa, Subclass 457
The Australian sponsorship 457 Visa permits one to live in Australia and work for upto 4 years for a company who will directly sponsor you. For this one must have a job offer in Australia in order to apply for this Australia work visa.

Australia Work and Holiday Visa, Subclass 462, (USA citizens only)
Under The Australian Work and Holiday Visa (Subclass 462), US citizens aged between 18 to 30 can travel and take up casual work in Australia for up to 12 months.

Australia Student Visa, Subclass 570-576
To study more than 3 months in Australia one will need an Australian student Visa. For eligibility one must have already been accepted into a full-time curse at an eligible Australian educational institution.

Australia 3 Month Business Visa, Subclass 651
If you are planning to visit Australia for short term business activities such as conferences or negotiations you will need an Australian Business Visa (Australia Business ETA Visa) with 3 months validity.

Australia 3 Month Holiday Visa, Subclass 651
With Australian ETA Tourist Visa you can visit Australia for tourism or leisure for up to 3 months.

Australia 6 Month Holiday Visa, Subclass 676
With 6 month Australian Holiday Visa you can enjoy holidays for upto 6 months but it does not allow you to work in Australia.

Australia Business Owner Visa, Subclass 163
The Australia Business Skills Category motivates senior managers, business owners and investors to utilize their business and investment skills in Australia. It will be for Initial 4-year period, after which permanent residence application can be made.

Australia Defacto Visa, Subclass 309
Under the Australia De Facto Visa, the partner of an Australian citizen, permanent Australian resident or eligible New Zealand citizen can migrate to Australia as their de facto spouse.

Australia Fiancé/Prospective Marriage Visa, Subclass 300
If one is living outside of Australia and is engaged to an Australian citizen or permanent resident, the Australia Fiancé Visa allows one to visit Australia to get married. It’s validity is upto 9 months, after which one may apply for an Australia Spouse Visa.

Australia Interdependency Visa, Subclass 310-110
The Australian interdependency Visa is specially for persons aged 18 years+ who are in a interrelationship with an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen.

Australia Investor Visa rename to Australia Investor Visa, Subclass 165
The Australian Investor Visa is part of the Australia Business Skills Category which allows business owners and investors to use their skills and work in Australia. It is usually for an initial 4-year period and can lead to permanent Australian residence.

Australia Regional Sponsored Migrant Visa, Subclass 119-857
The Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) allows Australian employers in regional areas to fill labour shortages in skilled positions with staff from overseas or temporary residents in Australia.

Australia Remaining Relative Visa, Subclass 115
The Australian Family Stream Migration Programme has a remaining relative category which allows the relatives of Australian citizens or permanent residents to be sponsored by their family in order to migrate to Australia to join them.

Australia Senior Executive Visa, Subclass 164
The Australian Business Skills Category includes a Senior Executive Visa which allows experienced executives in high level management positions to move to Australia for an initial period of four years, after which an application for permanent residence can be made

Australia Skilled – Regional Sponsored Visa (Provisional) , Subclass 487
This Australia Sponsorship Visa is a three year provisional visa for overseas students and other certain visa holders who are not eligible for a permanent skilled migration visa.

Australia Spouse Visa, Subclass 309
The partner migration programme in Australia allows the partner of an Australian citizen, permanent Australian resident or eligible New Zealand citizen to migrate to Australia on an Australian Spouse Visa.

Australia Entertainment Visa (Subclass 420)
The Australian Entertainer Visa enables people to work temporarily in Australia in the entertainment industry - for example to undertake work in film, TV or live productions.

Australia Media and Film Staff Visa (Subclass 423)
The film and media staff visa for Australia allows you to come to Australia to work temporarily on the production of documentaries or commercials that will initially be distributed outside of Australia. The visa is available for overseas news media, television and film crews, and still-photographers.


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