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Business/Investor Skills Questionnaire

Business / Investor Skills Questionnaire
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Business Ownership : Do you currently have an ownership Interest in a business
How many years have you had this ownership interest
Current annual turnover of the Business : In Australian Dollars or State Currency
Business Owner : Please give your designation and industry over the past 4 years
Would you like to be involved in a business in Australia
If Yes : Describe business you may be involved with
Senior Manager : Do you work as a Senior Manager (Highest 3 Levels) of a major business that has a turnover Greater Than AU$10,000,000.00
Describe Senior Manager Position
Assets : Do you and your spouse have combined assests more than A$2,250,000.00 and are able to invest A$1,500,000.00 in Australia
Retirement : If you or your partner are over 55, would you like to retire to Australia with your investments.
Further Information : Please add any other information that you feel would assist us.
CV/Resume : You may upload your CV/Resume should you have a saved copy on your computer

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