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Spouse Visa - Visa Requirements

Spouse Visa for Australia is offered to the applicants whose fiancé is a permanent residence of Australia, citizen of the country or eligible for the New Zealand citizenship. Before lodging an application for spouse visa, the couple needs to evaluate certain requirements and rules stated as followings:

Eligibility Criteria:

The eligibility criteria of the main applicant depend on relationship and health & character clearance:


The applicant must be sponsored by an Australian permanent resident, Australian citizen and an eligible New Zealand citizen.  
The applicant must have stayed with the sponsor in a genuine and exclusive relationship.

The applicant must have the relationship documents to present as evidence.

The applicant must not marry the fiancé before entraining the country if the current status of the relationship is engaged.
The couple must be agreed to marry within 9 months of entering the country.    

Health and Character clearance requirements:

The Australian Immigration department strictly implements health & character requirements clauses for ensuring that the couple is legally wedded and for sanctioning spouse visa.

The applicant undergoes a health check up, including chest X- rays and medical tests for obtaining a medical clearance certificate.

The applicant has to acquire a character clearance and police certification in order to satisfy the public & social requirements.

Additional Information:

An Australian Spouse Visa application has to be sported by certain evidence of relationship. The spouse visa assessment can be checked online by filling required fields. Online assessment system for spouse visa is a perfect manner to grab a possible overview on the basis of provided information.   

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