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Skilled Visas - Service Fees & Processig Dates

Our professional fees
Our professional fees vary in each particular case and depend on the complexity of the case as well as on the individual circumstances of each particular client. In general, we advise clients about the approximate amount of our professional fees upon the preliminary in-depth consultations (or, in more complex cases, once the Preliminary Immigration Assessment is conducted), so they can make an informative and unbiased decision as to if they should progress any further with their visa application money wise.

Please, note that there are no fixed prices for professional immigration services. Each client is considered on his/her own merits. Every client has his/her own individual set of circumstances therefore influencing the costs associated with the migration process.

The approximate costs of immigration depend largely on the following factors:

  1. The migration category (visa subclass) you will be applying for.
  2. The complexity of your case given the set of your personal details and circumstances (say, for instance, some of our clients for student visas want to take their kids to Australia or are divorced/married for the second (third) time with kids from previous marriages).
  3. Number of people applying to migrate. Obviously, the single clients get the cheapest rates.
  4. The list of services you wish us to provide you with
  5. The amount of Visa Application Charges payable to DIAC or fees of other Australian authorities payable during the course of your visa application.
As our fees are reasonable and competitive within the industry our clients can be assured that they get the real value for their money. We always negotiate with clients all aspects of their case including the case workload, amount of our professional fees and other expenses relevant to the case before we commence any work.

We never proceed with the case until the written instructions from client are obtained and a standard `Service Agreement` with client detailing the case structure as well as the mutual rights and obligations is duly signed. The clients are advised as to the details and implications of `Service Agreement` prior to signing it. Our Registered Migration Agent (s) adhere strictly to the MARA regulations and the Code of Conduct. A copy of Code of Conduct is always available for our clients.

We will never proceed with the case or charge fees for our services if we reasonably believe that the case is weak or has no prospects of success at all.

Please, contact us, should you wish to discuss the fees-related matters in more detail.

The following expenses are NOT included into the amount of our professional fees and have to be paid separately by clients to the relevant authorities:
  • Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) of Australia fees;
    Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) of Australia current scale of fees and charges
  • Medical examination fees;
  • Police checks fees;
  • Certified translation of documents in English fees;
  • Assessing authorities fees (qualification assessment);
  • Postal expenses (to deliver client`s documentation to us, DIAC and/or any other authority);
  • Any other expenses which are not specified in the `Service Agreement` and its Attachment (s) between us and the client;
Processing Dates
The current Australian migration legislation does not provide for strictly fixed timeframe for processing applications. The Department of Immigration and Citizenship of Australia (DIAC) processes each visa application on individual basis based on its own merits. The timeframe for processing in each particular case is set entirely by the DIAC and is totally at its own discretion. The processing time depends on various circumstances (e.g. complexity of the case, workload amount of the particular DIAC office where the application is processed, requests (if any) to supply additional information, medical/police check-ups, etc).

The DIAC office can be contacted regarding the approximate timeframe for processing only after the application is duly lodged and the file number is issued.


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