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Australian Skilled Visa - Point Test

This point test system is an integrated technique of certain requirement factors and is applied to skilled visa categories in order to evaluate and assess the practical knowledge, skills and stated experience of interested visa applicants. Following demonstrated points help you to understand the point procedure fixed by the Australian Immigration department:    

The applicants can enter the country by opting for another open way in case they could not pass the point test:


As per Australian immigration department’s policies, the applicant must be young and 45 years is the age limit to apply for an Australian Skilled Visa as per the point base system.

English Language Proficiency:

The applicants are judged on their ability of speaking, writing and understanding fluent English language in order to ensure if they can survive in Australian culture and working environment. The language fluency is being measured by using IELTS test.


Estimating required skills is one of the crucial factors vary as per the different listed professions, including experience and qualification criteria. Each applicant is awarded points on the basis of his/ her demonstrated skills, ability and experience.             
Before initiating an application lodging procedure an applicant need to check if his occupation is on the SOL list on the basis of following given attributes:

Specific Work Experience:  

  • Points Listed for a particular occupation or a job
  • Find out if your desired occupations in one the Migrant Occupations in Demand List by enquiring following factors: 
  • Points for spouse skill
  • Australian Qualifications
  • Australian Work Experience
  • Regional Australia or Love Population Metropolitan Areas
  • Community Language  
  • Points on the basis of Relationship  



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