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Australian Skilled Visas - Visa Entitlements

Australian Skilled Visa entitlements are divided into two categories as demonstrated below:

  • Permanent Visa Entitlement
  • Temporary Visa Entitlement  

Permanent Visa Entitlements:  

After receiving a permanent visa, the concerned holder can live in the country and work as well. The permanent visa holder in entitled to receive all citizen benefits such as health care aids and social security payments. Nevertheless, a new permanent visa holder has to wait for two years during a stay for receiving social security benefits. A permanent Visa type grants unrestricted rights to live in the country study, to work in Australian and eligibility of nominating blood relations for initiating their visa procedures. A permanent Australian citizen can travel to New Zealand without obtaining New Zealand visas. Such a resident can work, live and study in New Zealand as well without any legitimate issues and can offer assurance of supportive requirements to migrant relatives.

Temporary Visa Entitlements:

A temporary visa holder can live in the country by availing limited facilities and social benefits. Such a resident is not eligible for receiving medical aids and enjoying offered security payment benefits. This visa holder applicant has to wait for a certain time limit as depending upon the temporary type of visa on the basis a lodged permanent visa application. A temporary visa holder has to abide by the Australian Nationality codes and rules during the stay. This person can work, study and live in the country with limitations, but he has to fulfil the required criteria for receiving the permanent visa.     



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