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Skilled Independent Visa

Migration to Australia under the Skilled Migration class, also known as General Skilled Migration or Skilled Independent Migration, is operated on a points based system (PBS).

The applicant must first meet the basic criteria and then meet the points test minimum pass mark to qualify for skilled permanent residence.

General Skilled Migration to Australia offers applicants the opportunity to migrate to Australia on the basis of their skills and/or educational background.

It targets people who are highly skilled and who will quickly make a contribution to the economy. The majority of points are awarded on criteria including age, occupation, experience and English language ability.

The current pass mark for a General Skilled Migration visa is 120 points, however an AIMC Australian Visas consultant will advise you of any changes to this during an initial consultation.

Permanent residency entitles people to remain in Australia indefinitely. Initially you will receive a 5 year permanent residence travel visa. After a 4 year period, providing relevant criteria have been met, Australian citizenship may be applied for.

Eligibility Criteria

    The applicants must be under 45 years old.

    English Language
    The applicants must have sufficient English language ability.

    Skills & Qualifications
    The main applicant:
    • Must meet the qualifications and/or work experience requirements of the appropriate skills assessing body for their profession and must have been assessed as suitable by the relevant body for the nominated occupation.
    • Must nominate a skilled occupation that appears on the current version of the Skilled Occupations List.

    Recent Work Experience
    • Applicants must have been in recent paid employment in any occupation on the Skilled Occupation List. Employment is considered to be at least 20 hours per week. You must have been employed for a total of 12 months out of the previous 24 months prior to submitting your application.

Additional Information

The following factors may help to provide additional support to a marginal Australian Skilled Independent Visa application.

    Applicants who have family connections within Australia may be able to use this to strengthen their application.

    High Demand Occupation/Job Offer
    An Australia Skilled Migration Visa applicant will receive additional points if their skills are listed as in demand. Additional points are also awarded if you have a job offer from a qualifying Australian employer.

    Australian Study
    Applicants who have undertaken successful study within Australia may be able to use these qualifications to support their application and obtain additional points.

    You may claim additional points if your spouse also meets the basic requirements, which include - being less than 45 years of age, having English language ability, having a skilled occupation and also having 12 out of 24 months recent work experience.

    Health & Character
    Australia has strict health and character requirements that must be met before any permanent visa of more than 12 months will be granted. People attempting skilled migration to Australia on a Skilled Independent Visa will be required to:
    • Undergo a medical examination and chest x-ray undertaken by one of a panel of doctors selected by the Australian authorities, and;
    • Obtain police certificates for all countries in which you have lived for more than 12 months in the 10 years leading up to the application.

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