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Skilled Visas

Introduction & Overview of Skilled Visa:

This type of visa is offered to the people, who are highly qualified and experienced in their specific field, seeking to work in Australia. A successful applicant, who is eligible by meeting up the Australia’s skill criteria, can get a permanent resident in the country. This visa is suitable for the people, who scored authorized university degrees and certifications.

Skilled Visa Requirements:

Candidates interested in applying for Australian skilled visa must be under 45 years of age and qualified according to required the skills & experiences. Your desired criteria for applying for this visa type must be available on the list of approved occupants. Such a list consisting of certain skills and qualification requirements of particular approved occupants is tailored and updated by DIAC time to time. Managers, teachers, engineers, tradesmen and medical sector occupants are listed at the top on the skills requirements list.

You need to obtain necessary information and have to grab an overview of relevant factors by evaluating your skill assessment.
You must have recent experience in a particular profession before you applying for this visa. In addition to this, your English should be fluent in terms of reading, writing and listening and you have to meet character, health and public interest requirements.  

For ensuring your Australian skilled visa, you need to pass a “point test” as well. This point based system is used to assess your qualifications, experience and knowledge. If an applicant is having a blood relation in Australia, extra points are added to his/ her total point test.

The skilled Australian Visa program is full of opportunities and is an initiative to identify talent among highly educated people to overcome skills shortage in Australian. This Visa helps Australian Immigration department to fulfil the requirement of workforce.        

f you are a skilled professional, trades person or student graduating from an Australian university, you may qualify for a skilled visa.

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