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Australia Partner Visas

Australia Partner visa is entitled to the people whose spouses, fiancée and de facto partners are Australian citizens or Permanent residents or eligible for New Zealand citizenship.       

  • Australia Spouse Visa for De Facto relationship partners
  • Australian Independent visa for same sex partners   
  • Australian Prospective Marriage Visa for fiancés.  

For an exceptional couple case in which a married couple have been in a long term married relationship, they must need to acquire a provisional visa ensuring temporary resident. After a provision of two years, such married couple can be granted with a permanent residence visa.

All partner visa applications are processed like other visa applications. Australian Partner Visa applications are assessed against couple’s character and Australia’s health rules.


All applications with an immigrant request to Australia submitted under the family law must be sponsored.  The sponsoring individual must provide a written undertaking of providing full support to the immigrant for two years in Australia. This immigrant or applicant support includes financial concerns, accommodation assistance and meeting all initial & reasonable living requirements of the applicant.      

Applications under Family steam must be sponsored by an Australian citizen, an Austrian Permanent Resident or a resident entitled for citizenship of New Zealand. The sponsor individual must of 18 years of above this age limit.

Partner Immigrant application to Australia must be subsidised by the Partner, who is living in Australia. As per independent visa subclass, this Spousal couple must be of 18 years or above this age. You can also apply online for obtaining your Australian Partner Visas.

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