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Employer Nomination Scheme Visa - Visa Requirements

Eligibility Criteria

The ENS applicant considering emigrating to Australia must be less than 45 years of age* at the time of an application being lodged.

* Exceptions on age might be considered where:

  • The applicant's skills are so unique or so specialised that few, if any, persons under 45 would have the same level of expertise; or
  • The position would normally require a person with skills and experience acquired over many years (e.g. senior academics or scientists); or
  • The ENS position is critical to the operation of the nominating employer's business; or
  • The occupation for which the visa applicant has been nominated is on the Migration Occupation in Demand List (MODL)

In brief, an employer wanting to recruit via the Employer Nomination Scheme must be able to demonstrate that:

  • They have a need for a paid employee, that the business is located in Australia and that it is operated by the employer, and that the employer is of good standing;
  • The nominated position is for an occupation listed on the ENS Skilled Occupation List, with the skills, experience and qualifications corresponding to the requirements of the occupation description (ASCO Code);
  • If applicable, the highly-skilled person is eligible for any mandatory licensing, registration or professional body membership where required;
  • The salary of the nominated position is at least AUD$41,850 for most occupations and $57,300 for IT professionals plus compulsory superannuation of 9%;
  • The ENS position is a full time, fixed-term appointment of at least three years, which does not exclude the possibility of renewal;
  • The employer has a commitment to training existing employees;
  • The terms and conditions of employment must be in accordance with the standards for working conditions provided under Australian industrial laws.
In general terms, the applicant must:
    • Have the skills relevant to the nominated position;
    • Satisfy one of the following skills requirements:

  • Provide a positive skills assessment from the relevant assessing authority and have 3 years experience in the occupation for which they have been nominated; or
  • Be nominated for a highly paid position (the minimum salary in this regard is currently $AUD 167,000 plus compulsory superannuation of 9%; or
  • Have worked in Australia for at least the last 2 years on an eligible temporary visa in the occupation for which they have been nominated, including at least the last year for the nominating employer.
  • Be able to satisfy any mandatory licensing, registration or professional membership requirements;
  • Have vocational English language ability.

Health & Character
Australia has strict health and character requirements for any Australian visa application that must be met before any permanent Australian visa will be granted. People attempting to migrate to Australia on the Employer Nomination Visa Scheme will be required to:

  • Undergo a medical examination and chest x-ray performed by an Australian panel doctor outside Australia or Health Services Australia in Australia, and;
  • Obtain police certificates for all countries in which they have lived for more than 12 months in the 10 years leading up to the application.
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