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Contributory Parent Visa

Australian Parent Visa:
This type of visa allows the overseas parents who long to immigrate to Australia, and their children are the permanent residents of Australia and are the citizens of the country. Australian parent visa type can be categorised in the two type of Parent visa:    

Australian Contributory Parent Visa Types:  

  • Contributory Parent Visa 
  • Contributory Aged Parent Visa

Australian Parent Visa Types:

Parent Visa
Aged Parent Visa

The criteria of sponsorship for the aforementioned categories remain the same. Contributory parent visa type is accessed to make a noteworthy contribution in taking care from basic to essential requirements of parents. These requirements include health, shelter, food and welfare costs. A Contributory parent visa category is also equipped with temporary visa types valid for only 2 years.  

However, the temporary visa holder parents can also apply for a permanent resident visa type.

These parent visas are limited, but a Contributory visa type has a higher access priority than an Australian Parent Visa type.  Applicant parents must be sponsored by a child, who is settled in the country as a permanent citizen, Permanent resident of Australian or eligible for New Zealand Citizenship. The application for these visas is evaluated on the basis of “Balance of Family” point system or test. Authorized and required public interests such as police certifications, health check- ups reports and character clearance, should be submitted to proceed with visa application procedure.            

  • Balance of Family Summary:

The total number of children of the interested parent, who are legally and permanently resided in the country or are legible for New Zealand Permanent Resident:

  • Total number of children, greater than or equal to, live in overseas.
  • Total number greater than the greatest number of children of applicant parents who are the citizens of a single overseas country.                    

Aged Parents:

  • Men qualifying an age of 65 years
  • Women, the date of birth is considered in this case.

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