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Australia Skilled Migration Program Visas

  • 175- Skilled- Independent (Migrant) Visa:

This visa type is a permanent and it allows you to reside in the country indefinitely. An applicant acquires this migration visa to Australia must meet required skills, qualifications, fluent English and demanded occupation criteria in a particular professional field. No sponsorship is required for this visa type.    

  • 176- Skilled- Sponsored (Migrant) Visa:

This Visa is a perfect gateway for the employees with good English fluency, high education, listed skills & required experience and all this can be estimated by using a point based system. An interested applicant must be sponsored by an entitled Australian Resident or nominate by a state/ territory government.   

  • 457- Business Long Stay/ Work Permit:

This work permit type visa of one of the most convenient and commonly used programs initiated for the Australian employers for recruiting overseas workers on a temporary basis. This visa type facilitates the employers with exceptional arrangements in specific regions across the country.           

  • 485- Skilled- Graduate (Temporary) Visa:

Graduate Visa is a perfect gateway to enter the country for overseas students to stay in Australia for a minimum duration of 12 months, in case they do not satisfy the criteria for a General Skilled Migration Visa.     

  • 885- Skilled- Independent (Residence) Visa:

This is a permanent residence type of visa allows you to stay in the country indefinitely. Overseas students, who completed their studies or professional courses and are the holders of certified accreditations & temporary visas, can apply for a permanent resident in Australia under this visa type.

  • 886- Skilled- Sponsored (Resident) Visa:
This visa helps the students, who are educated and have a temporary visa type, can apply for a permanent residency visa in Australia. 

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