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Online Assessment for Partner Migration Visas

Please take the time to answer these questions as carefully and accurately as possible as they will allow us to fully appraise your visa eligibility.

  Online Assessment for Partner Migration Visas
1 Please enter your email address for identification.
  (Please make sure this email address is valid since our immigration advice will be delivered to this mailbox.)
2 Please enter your first name.
3 Please enter your last name.
4 Please enter your date of birth
5 Are you currently involved in a relationship with a person from Australia? Yes No
6 Please describe your partner's citizenship / residency status:
7 Is your partner willing to sponsor your migration to Australia? Yes No
8 What is your relationship to your partner?
9 Please specify the total duration of your relationship:
10 Of that time, how long have you lived together:
11 Do you have any children from your relationship? Yes No

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